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Company Description

Africa In Motion International Consultants’ (AIMIC) started back in 2006 with placements for several Blue Chip corporate companies based in South Africa. After several successful deployments of scarce skills demands to the market, AIMIC grew exponentially as South Africa was being viewed as a primary location for outsourcing, parallel to India, China, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

South Africa is fast becoming the most interesting outsourcing destination of choice for large international firms. As South Africa is regarded as a port of entry into the African continent, the country has become highly attractive to foreign investors and multinationals.

Currently, AIMIC is the procurement and facilitator between candidates and Blue Chip companies themselves especially for the South African market.

Besides the international interest and economic growth, there is also the time zone advantage of South Africa in line with Europe, as well as the neutral accent, which gives the country preference over some other destinations in the Asia Pacific region.

Moreover the cost of labor, the incentives offered by the government, the advanced status in respect to technology and cloud-based services, not to forget the beauty and diversity of the country make it attractive for companies to establish call centers and ICT centers in the local market.

With this in mind Foreign Language speakers are in high demand in South Africa and AIMIC provides an answer for this request.

After 22 years of being based in Europe as a specialist language recruitment agency for the European market we opened our offices in South Africa 12 years ago. We focus on areas like customer service, marketing and sales, communications and IT helpdesk functions. Moreover we mainly specialize in bilingual candidates in Dutch, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

AIMIC provides an all-in turnkey project: we search for the right person, we assist the approved candidate with the lengthy working visa procedures and we help the candidate with integration into the new working environment.